Bulgarian for foreigners

Nowadays, there is an evident tendency of foreigners wanting to study Bulgarian, most of whom investors who have decided to develop their business in Bulgaria or applicants in the Top management of major and middle-sized companies as well as advisors and collaborators in State institutions, invited to share their experience and gain such by working in a Bulgarian speaking environment.

This circumstance makes it crucial for Educational centre “Advantage” to offer language courses in Bulgarian for foreigners. For the purpose of the course of Bulgarian language at the Centre we have developed a system of books and materials that can`t be found in the open market of studying materials.

Our language courses for foreigners have proven their effectiveness with officers of one of the major companies in Bulgaria, some of which Bulgartabac Holding, “KONE Bulgaria” and others.

What is vital for us apart from teaching the language is get the culture of Bulgaria across to our students and to do that we have built a curriculum, including one of the most famous and significant Bulgarian proverbs, poems and stories adapted to the level of each student.

If your mother tongue is not Bulgarian and you are willing to socialize actively in a social and professional sphere in Bulgaria or want to try something more challenging, please, do not hesitate to contact us so that we offer you the most suitable course in Bulgarian through English, German or Dutch.

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To learn more feel free to contact us at office@advantage.bg.